Can You Relate?

“I keep hearing conflicting advice for Diabetes. I don’t know what is true anymore.”

“My doctor keeps telling me about all the complications that can occur with Diabetes. I really need to get a plan in place, otherwise I won’t be around long for my family and friends.”

“I’m tired of having to prick my fingers only to get high blood sugars.”

“I’m drained… this brain fog is really affecting me…  It feels like I’m always hung over… I just can’t seem to quench my thirst nor stay out of the restroom… when will this all go away?”

“These medications are hard to keep up with. I really don’t like taking my insulin. I’ve gained weight since I started taking it.”

“I keep hearing conflicting advice for weight loss. I don’t know what is true anymore.”

“How am I suppose to lose weight if I have constant food cravings and bad snacking habits?!”

“I’m always exhausted and coffee doesn’t make a difference”.

“I’ve tried everything and I always regain the weight I lose.”

Don’t worry you’re not alone.

Many of my clients used to have the same problems, challenges, and frustrations.

If I spent an entire year with you with the aim of getting to know you, would I also learn that the following qualities describe you?


Essentially, these qualities describe the most successful people, who have obtained the best health results, I’ve had the pleasure of working with in healthcare as a dietitian.

Correspondingly, I have also resolved that the subsequent, distinctive qualities (the Famed Fifteen) describe my ideal client.

Do these also characterize you well?

1. You Are Triumphant

You have a record of achieving everything you put your mind to. Obstacles are no match for you because you do whatever it takes to be successful. Failing is not something you’re afraid of since you know it’s part of the process. To you, failing (learning) today only means you’ll be successful tomorrow.

2. You Command An Internal Locus Of Control

Without hesitation, you command the reins of your own life. The only one who is responsible for the outcomes in your life is yourself. You fully appreciate that the external environment and numerous other things you cannot control are, for the most part, a mere distraction and a waste of time: they have no significant bearing on your success. You blame no one for your successes, failures, and destination except yourself. Your life is a novel and you’re writing it carefully.

3. You Are Sincere

You believe honesty is the best policy for multiple reasons you cherish well. Sincerity has allowed you to create meaningful relationships long-term in both your personal and professional life. In fact, your honesty is a big part of your success. Additionally, you recognize it’s the best way to sleep at night and not have to worry about legal, ethical, or financial trouble down the line.

4. You Have Sophisticated Inclinations

Life is too short to be spending your time in ordinary time-wasters. And although you’re not a toploftical person, in some areas of your life, you only seek out the finest things. This may consist of reading the best books, classical and modern, staying up-to-date in your area of expertise, seeking the best services, buying your favorite material goods, and any other classification that may be important to you.

5. You Are A Chief or Chiefess

Following is not in your vocabulary. You are the pacesetter of your own life. You also don’t hesitate to lead others and make the hard decisions: you have a history of success in multiple endeavors as a team leader.

6. You Have Actualized Mastership

Realizing early on that becoming a ‘jack-of-all-trades’ wasn’t optimal, you instead opted to become a master in your area of expertise. You’re resolved in working on improving your skill in one specific area because you know this is how you’ll reach your own potential, make a living, and this is how you’ve decided to give back to humanity.

7. You Appreciate The Potency Of Consulting Professionals

No one can be a world-renowned virtuoso in all things. You realize this and, as a result, you seek out the professional services offered by various experts to efficiently enhance your own business or area of expertise. You may even have a ‘select team’ of such individuals with whom you regularly consult. Multiple heads are better than one in the world of success: you don’t doubt that.

8. You Are Aware That Money Is Valuable, But Time And Health Are Invaluable

You know time is one of the few things you cannot multiply: everyone has 24 hours per day. You agree that trading time for money isn’t a good deal (you probably trade money for ‘more’ time) and you may be in the process of establishing or have already established your own business. Despite becoming a bit trite, you find value in the maxim ‘health is wealth’. You may now be looking for a coach who can help take your health to the next level.

9. The Present And Future Are Your Loci Of Power, Not The Past

Alice Morse Earle wrote, “The clock is running. Make the most of Today. Time waits for no man. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it is called the Present.” The modern-day, truncated version has become trite; nonetheless, it rings true to you. The past is largely irrelevant and is mainly reserved for learning and not repeating the same mistakes. You plan your own future, but this is not a point of fixation. You only give power to the present. Focusing on the present, day in and day out, is what truly matters to fulfilling your life’s purpose, vision, mission, and goals.

10. You Are A Visionary

You have a history of setting goals and completing them. You have a strong sense of your purpose, mission, and vision for your own life, your family, your business or career, and for the world. You want to leave behind a legacy and may have already designed a life plan. You find yourself regularly pondering about your vision and are doing everything in your power to make it a reality. Appropriately, as you evolve in consciousness, wisdom, and understanding so too does your vision and plan.

11. You Focus On Your Passion(s)

Life is too short to focus on things that don’t make you feel alive. Time appears to slow down during these activities and life seems as though it will never end. Your passion(s) help you become a better person, a truer you, and they also trickle into the world to make it a better place. These are a few reasons why everything you do, from your business or career to your hobbies, is something you’re passionate about. Because you provide a lot of value to the world, your passion(s) likely provide a generous income.

12. You Are Result-Driven

Each day you focus on the process, but the potential product keeps you going. You don’t mind changing and refining the plan to get there or asking for help or guidance when needed: your main concern is getting the desired result for yourself, your client, your career, or your business. You honor your time and the time of others, so you rate the end of each week based on your results not the amount of hours worked unproductively. You believe time should be exchanged for big wins not a paycheck.

13. You Are Comfortable With Uncertainty

“Fear of the unknown is the greatest fear of all” (Yvon Chouinard). However, this doesn’t paralyze you from delving into unfamiliar things. You are not reluctant in taking the unknown path and seeking unknown experiences because you know this is the only way to grow: this is one of the ways you work to discover a truer you. Indeed, some of your greatest successes have originated from venturing into the uncertain – the unknown.

14. You Keep Your Word

Your word is your reputation and you do not break both. You honor all your commitments because you know that’s how to maintain a high level of integrity in your personal and professional life. The people you know are aware that you honor your word, so you’ve gained their trust, their friendship, and, often, their business.

15. You Want To Become The Healthiest Version Of Yourself

This means you are open to constructive commentary and suggestions, you are open to different points of view, you are open to objective feedback, and you are ready and malleable enough to make the necessary changes to optimize your health and wellness. This also means you are prepared to abandon and upgrade old thoughts, notions, beliefs, mindsets, behaviors, and habits that have held you back, are harmful, and don’t serve you. Becoming the best version of yourself is a never ending process, and right now you are seeking to optimize your health with lifestyle medicine and a “complete person approach”.